July 20, 2024

UN chief faults Israeli military tactics over Gaza civilians casualties

The United Nations has again criticised Israel over its military tactics leading to the heavy casualties of innocent civilians, including women and children.

Anontio Guterres, the Secretary General,  said the number of civilians killed in Gaza in the ongoing war showed something was “clearly wrong” with Israeli military operations.

Guterres while speaking at the Reuters NEXT conference blames Hamas for using civilians as human shields but emphasised that the number of civilians that were killed with the military operations shows that “there is something that is clearly wrong.”

Palestinian officials said 10,569 people have now been killed in Gaza, 40% of them children.

He added that “It is also important to make Israel understand that it is against the interests of Israel to see every day the terrible image of the dramatic humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people,” saying “that doesn’t help Israel in relation to the global public opinion.”

While strongly condemning the Hamas attack on Israel, Guterres highlighted the need to distinguish the Hamas fighters and ordinary Palestinian civilians.

The war in Gaza has brought about a catastrophic situation as the U.N. continues its push for a humanitarian ceasefire to allow aid access to civilians.

The UN boss also said 92 people working with the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) have been killed due to the heavy Israeli bombardments.

He downplayed a possible future U.N. peacekeeping force in the region, saying such a move has not been discussed at the world body.

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