July 20, 2024

Edo State unveils 7th Alaghodaro Summit, showcasing achievements, fostering future opportunities

The vibrant city of Benin is abuzz with excitement as the 2023 Alaghodaro Summit kicks off, marking the beginning of a week-long extravaganza aimed at showcasing the remarkable achievements of the Edo State government.

Organized annually in collaboration with the private sector, this summit celebrates the tenure of Governor Godwin Obaseki in office.

The Chairman of the Alaghodaro board, Asue Ighodalo, highlighted the significance of the summit during a press conference. He emphasized its role in transforming Edo State into a thriving investment hub and providing a platform for fruitful interactions with business leaders to exchange ideas that propel the state forward.

Themed “The Edo Story: Creating Shared Opportunities into the Future,” this year’s summit promises to be a spectacle of innovation and progress. The kickoff event featured the Edo Women Conference, setting the tone for the days to come.

The summit’s schedule includes a diverse array of events, such as a cocktail on Thursday, November 9, a day featuring Muslim Prayers, State Awards, and a Dinner on Friday, November 10, and a Governor’s Golf Tournament, Food Fair, and Youth Concert on Saturday, November 11.

The grand finale will be a Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 12.

Asue Ighodalo assured attendees of a memorable experience, promising to showcase the city and the governor’s achievements over the past seven years.

He lauded the Alaghodaro summit as a groundbreaking governance innovation that encourages alternative views and recommendations.

Notably, many of these recommendations have been implemented by the state government.

During a question and answer session, Mr. Ighodalo addressed the issue of policy continuity in governance. He pointed out that the lack of consistency in government policies since 1999 has hindered the development of many states.

He advocated for the importance of successive governments sustaining favorable policies initiated by their predecessors, emphasizing that such continuity is crucial for the overall development of the country and its states.

In conclusion, the Alaghodaro Summit stands as a testament to Edo State’s commitment to progress, innovation, and collaborative governance.

As the festivities unfold, participants eagerly anticipate the exchange of ideas, recognition of achievements, and the exploration of shared opportunities that will shape the future of the state.

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