July 20, 2024

FUTA student team develops app, VC orders test run

A team led by a 400level Student of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Daniel Adeniyi, has developed a software application, named TouchNut, for library access control.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Adenike Oladiji, thereby ordered an undelayed test run of the application at the Albert Ilemobade Library of the university.

This was contained in a statement on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

“The software is now being used to regulate entry and exit of students into the Albert Ilemobade Library and to monitor activities,” the statement reads.

Explaining the software usage, Adeniyi mentioned that “the major advantage of the Software is that it provides an easy to use identification system that helps the security unit to monitor the activities that go on in the library. He also stated that the TouchNut provides an Intranet server that contains students information and comes with an intranet connection. Its server is also well secured ensuring the security students information from easy access on the internet.

He continued, “With the TouchNut app, students can borrow books and library staff will not need to worry about its return on its expiration date because the software would track down the student’s Card and notify the staff.

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He said the TouchNut identification Software would be useful to three major units in the Library. First is the security unit as it helps them check people in and out of the Library. Second is the circulation unit because it helps create user profiles for students, develop and assign cards as well. Lastly is the Management Unit because the Management has complete oversight of everything that happens in the Library.”

The Vice Chancellor eulogized his efforts in product development and promised to deploy the TouchNut to other relevant areas, including campus shuttle transportation, upon completion of the test run exercise.

1 thought on “FUTA student team develops app, VC orders test run

  1. Wow! Wow! I mean this kind of a project is one that could be contracted to a well established software development company and millions of naira could be charged for it.
    I only hope that their efforts would be well compensated — I do not even mean direct monetary compensation. For example, they could grant them a patent and create a company from here or the technology is sold to the federal government and is used in all the libraries of other tertiary institutions, and many more.

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