July 24, 2024

Govt bans kissing marathon tagged “Kiss-a-Thon” in Ekiti

The Ekiti State Government (EKSG) has banned a planned longest kissing marathon at one of the hospitality firms in the state.

This was disclosed in a letter dated July 3, 2023, to hoteliers by the state ministry of arts, culture and tourism.

According to the letter, the event, scheduled to kick off on July 7,  2023, and targeted to set the Guinness World Record, GWR, was described as an unethical, absurd and vitiating move to counteract the norms and values of Ekiti State and its people.

It stated that the staging of such an immoral plan will not only tarnish the image of Ekiti among other states in Nigeria but also at the global level.

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The government orders the state’s hoteliers to shun negative use of their facilities to cause embarrassment to the state and its people at large.

“Kiss-a-thon” as an event is not only absurd, unhealthy, immoral and capable of denigrating the image of the state, it is a programme that runs counter to the values of the people of the state and therefore capable of plunging our youth morally backwards,” the statement reads.

It added, “In view of the foregoing, the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism hereby prohibits the hosting of such events or any other events like them in any facility that wishes to operate lawfully in Ekiti State.”

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