December 6, 2023

OPSH troops arrest key figure in gruesome murder of Ardo of Panyam

The main mastermind behind the brutal murder of Alhaji Adamu Idris Gabdo, the Ardo of Panyam in Plateau State, has been apprehended by the tenacious troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH) Tactical Team.

This dramatic arrest occurred far from the scene of the crime, in Lagos State, after weeks of relentless pursuit and investigation.

The captured suspect, Mr. Philip Gokas, also known as Jaykimo, was found enjoying himself at a football viewing center while sipping beer, oblivious to the impending reckoning.

The capture of Gokas is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of OPSH and the impressive effectiveness of collaborative efforts in bringing criminals to justice.

Gokas has confessed to his involvement in the heinous act and has provided critical information that will lead to the arrest of other individuals linked to this crime in the coming days.

This development serves as a stern warning to criminals that they cannot escape justice, as security agencies remain steadfast and have the capacity to employ all national resources to hold them accountable, as directed by the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen CG Musa.

This pivotal arrest stems from the murder of the Ardo Panyam, which prompted the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, to instruct Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH) to recover the deceased’s body.

The OPSH Tactical Team successfully accomplished this mission in a remote area of Bauchi state, ensuring the respectful handover of the remains to the grieving family for a proper burial.

The directive also emphasized the urgency of tracking down the perpetrators to prevent reprisals and further violence in the region, which had recently experienced a period of peace following the launch of Operation HAKORIN DAMISA IV.

This breakthrough represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice and underscores the unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and security on the Plateau and its surroundings.

Authorities remain dedicated to preventing any escalation of violence.

Major General AE Abubakar, the General Officer Commanding 3 Division and Commander of Operation SAFE HAVEN, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the public for their unwavering support and cooperation throughout this extensive investigation.

He highlighted the crucial role of the community in providing invaluable assistance and information that made the recovery of the late Ardo of Panyam’s body and the subsequent capture of Mr. Philip Gokas possible.

Abubakar also commended the troops, particularly the Tactical Team, for their tireless efforts, professionalism, and unwavering commitment during the operation in distant Lagos.

He assured the public that the commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens remains unwavering and of utmost importance.

Authorities will continue to collaborate closely with relevant stakeholders and engage in continuous dialogue to foster peace and tranquility in the area.

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