November 28, 2023

New MRI, dialysis machines at Benue State Teaching Hospital lay idle, sparking outrage

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH), Stephen Hwande, disclosed that the hospital’s recently acquired MRI machine and two dialysis machines have been non-operational since their installation.

This alarming revelation came to light during an oversight visit by the Benue State House of Assembly Standing Committee on Health.

The MRI machine, heralded as a medical breakthrough when launched in March, was intended to provide high-quality imaging of internal structures within the human body, including organs, bones, muscles, and blood vessels.

However, it has never been put to use on any patient due to serious technical issues that emerged shortly after installation.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the MRI machine supplied to the hospital was not new, as stipulated in the contract, raising questions about the procurement process. Additionally, the two dialysis machines acquired for the isolation unit were deemed unsafe for human use and were beyond repair.

“The MRI machine alone, if functional, can solve close to 70 per cent of radiological dialysis. What is shocking is that this machine was commissioned in March this year,” lamented Mr. Hwande.

The hospital’s management has initiated efforts to recover properties that ended up in the wrong hands, further intensifying the investigation into the procurement and management of these non-functional machines.

The Chairman of the committee, Thomas Dugeri, expressed his shock over the wastage of expired drugs and consumables worth over N200 million by the hospital.

He vowed to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the procurement and expiration of these drugs, emphasizing the need to ensure accountability and improved healthcare services for the people.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the community, as citizens demand accountability and transparency regarding the utilization of public funds for healthcare infrastructure.

The investigation into this matter will likely uncover crucial insights into the mismanagement of resources in the medical sector, and it remains to be seen how the hospital and government officials will respond to the crisis at Benue State University Teaching Hospital.

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