December 3, 2023

Another aid-carrying trucks arrive in Gaza – UN relief boss says


Another set of aid-carrying trucks have passed through the Rafah crossing with Egypt to deliver critical supplies needed in Gaza, according to the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator.

In a statement on X, Martin Griffiths described the supplies provided by the Egyptian Red Cross and the UN as “another glimmer of hope for the millions of people in dire need of humanitarian aid” while adding that the people of Gaza are in need of more supplies.

Quoting security and humanitarian sources, Reuters news agency says there were a total of around 19 trucks in Sunday’s convoy carrying medical and food supplies.

On Saturday, a convoy of 20 trucks carrying desperately needed supplies entered Gaza through Rafah, which had previously been closed due to bombardments on the Gaza side of the border and bickering over conditions for providing relief.

Although distribution of those items began on Sunday, relief authorities are still warning of a humanitarian calamity as food, water, and fuel supplies run low.

Also, the World Health Organization said it has dispatched supplies including trauma medicines to stabilize injured patients, basic necessary medicines, and drugs to address chronic ailments.

According to UN officials, at least 100 trucks per day are needed in Gaza to meet urgent demands. Before the latest war, several hundred trucks arrived in the enclave every day.

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