July 20, 2024

Thousands of chickens killed in Mozambique to prevent spread of deadly bird flu from South Africa

A farmer veterinary walks inside a poultry farm

According to officials, more than 45,000 chickens have been killed , burned, and buried in southern Mozambique to prevent the spread of bird flu in the country.

Reports say the birds were brought in from neighboring South Africa, which is experiencing an outbreak of the disease.

The outbreak has already moved to some parts of Mozambique as authorities intensify efforts to contain the spread to other parts of the country.

The latest cases of bird flu have triggered a shortage of eggs and chickens, and a sharp rise in prices across Mozambique, including in the capital Maputo.

In response to the outbreak, Mozambique has banned the importation of chickens and their products from South Africa, including eggs and chicken feed.

The South African Poultry Association, says the country has been dealing with one of its worst bird flu epidemics, prompting poultry farmers to kill seven million egg-laying hens, accounting for 20-30% of the country’s total stock.

The outbreak has also resulted in a shortage of eggs and poultry meat in the country.

Bird flu is an infectious disease of poultry and wild birds.

The World Health Organization says the further spread of the virus will be monitored carefully to see whether it is mutating into a form which can spread amongst humans.

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