December 9, 2023

Burkina Faso: Captain Traore explains why election may not be held soon

The military regime in Burkina Faso has hinted that the election may not be held anytime soon as the head of the junta, Captain Ibrahim Traore, emphasised that security is his major concern for the time being.

He stressed on Friday that no elections would be held until the country was safe enough for everyone to vote.

The head of the junta said this as the country commemorated its first anniversary under military rule.

Hundreds of supporters of the military junta also gathered in Ouagadougou, the capital, on Friday to celebrate the first anniversary of the coup that brought the interim president to power.

While speaking with reporters in comments broadcast on national television, the interim leader said: “It’s (election) not a priority, I’ll tell you that clearly, it’s security that’s the priority.”

The military leader said he was working on a “partial change” to Burkina Faso’s constitution.

He stressed that the current constitution reflects “the opinion of a handful of enlightened people” and not that of the “popular masses.”

On the state of the country’s security, he said the army has recorded several achievements as part of efforts to keep the country safe.

Earlier in the week, the junta announced it had thwarted a military coup attempt by security and intelligence services in a shocking revelation.

The head of the military regime vowed to lead the transitional government “safely, despite adversity and various maneuvers to stop the march towards assumed sovereignty.”

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