December 3, 2023

Nigeria Premier Football League gives coaches ultimatum on licence  

Ahead of the forthcoming 2023 football league season, the Nigeria Premier Football League board has ordered all top-flight coaches to get a Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) B Licence or risk the chance of leading a team in the apex inter-club competition.

The new rule, according to NPFL Chief Operating Officer Davidson Owumi, is part of the league’s effort to raise the quality of the technical performance of Nigerian football clubs.

He stated that the policy is being implemented to encourage coaches to obtain training that will improve the services they provide to athletes.

“One of the areas of the league we seek to improve in the new season is the area of technical performance of our teams through the players, and this can only be achieved by having competent managers on the bench,” Owumi told NPFL Media.

“For this season, we will only allow Head Coaches with a minimum qualification of the CAF B Licence to sit on the bench. This may be reviewed upward next season.

“The idea is to encourage our coaches to improve themselves through higher certifications by participating in reputable courses.”

The 2023-24 NPFL season will commence on Saturday, September 30.

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