July 20, 2024

Saudi Crown Prince says Israel responsible for ‘crimes’ against Gaza civilians

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman renewed the Kingdom’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza and held Israel responsible for “crimes” against civilians in Gaza.

“We are before a humanitarian catastrophe that [shows] the failure of the UN Security Council and international community,” the Crown Prince said on Saturday during his opening speech at the extraordinary joint Islamic-Arab summit.

GCC and Arab and Muslim leaders have assembled in Saudi Arabia for urgent talks on the rising Israel-Gaza confrontation.

He emphasised the need for an “immediate cessation” of military operations in the besieged enclave and for opening humanitarian passages.

He added that “Israeli occupation authorities” bear the responsibility of the crimes committed against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel’s flagrant violations of international laws must be stopped,” MBS said, as he reaffirmed the Kingdom’s condemnation of the “brutal war” that has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

The Crown Prince also called for unified efforts to end the siege on the enclave.

“We must work together to end the siege on Gaza and deliver aid,” he said, adding that the “only solution” to achieve stability in the region is through “ending occupation and settlement [policies].”

“The Palestinian people must be granted their legitimate rights [which include] establishing their independent state.”

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