December 3, 2023

Rufai Oseni inaugurates library in honour of late father

In a remarkable display of commitment to education and community development, well-known Arise News broadcaster, Rufai Oseni, has unveiled the Oseni Centre in the heart of Odogbolu, Ogun State.

The grand inauguration of this educational sanctuary not only paid tribute to his late father, Engineer M.A. Oseni but also marked the debut of the center as it played host to its first-ever student debate competition.

The Oseni Centre stands as a symbol of hope and knowledge for the students of Odogbolu and its surrounding areas, with its primary mission to serve as a library and drive the educational progress of the community.

The much-anticipated debate competition featured the thought-provoking topic, ‘Are leaders born or made?’ and saw active participation from a panel of esteemed trustees, including Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi, former Managing Director of Daily Times, Chief (Mrs) Sade Ogunbiyi, the Iyalode of Remoland, and Olori Esther Onagoruwa, the Olori of Odogbolu, among other notable figures.

Dr. Ogunbiyi emphasized the pivotal role of quality education in nurturing future leaders and instilling positive societal values.

He commended Rufai Oseni for his unwavering dedication to advancing education in the region.

Olori Onagoruwa expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the debate competition and called for increased investment in the education sector, underscoring the critical importance of knowledge and learning in our society.

The competition witnessed Princewill Academy clinching the top spot, followed closely by Vintage Academy in second place, and Odogbolu Grammar School securing the third position.

The students who participated in the event were brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the next edition of this enlightening debate program in Odogbolu.

In addition to the intellectually stimulating debate, a teacher training program was conducted, equipping the educators of Odogbolu with a range of social and developmental skills.

They were also inducted into the ‘One Million Teachers’ network, an international initiative aimed at preparing teachers for national development.

The visionary behind the Oseni Centre, Rufai Oseni, revealed that the establishment was constructed as a tribute to his late father, Engineer M.A. Oseni.

He took the opportunity to encourage the students to remain steadfast in their pursuit of knowledge and to always remain open to the wonders of learning, fostering hope for a brighter and more educated future in Odogbolu and beyond.

This remarkable initiative not only honors the memory of a beloved father but also paves the way for a more educated and enlightened future for the youth of Odogbolu, embodying the spirit of progress and enlightenment.

Rufai Oseni’s noble endeavor in creating the Oseni Centre and hosting the student debate competition has truly left an indelible mark on the community, fostering a brighter path for education and growth.

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