June 24, 2024

Just in: Niger military coup plotters seek Wagner’s help ahead ECOWAS deadline

As a deadline approaches ahead of possible regional military intervention by the ECOWAS bloc, Niger’s new military government has called for assistance from Wagner, the Russian mercenary group that has been fighting on the side of government forces in some parts of Africa.

General Salifou Mody, one of the coup leaders, made the request while visiting neighboring Mali, another African country under military rule.

It is not clear about the potential role the mercenary group would play in the possible military actions proposed by the regional ECOWAS bloc.

Wagner operates in some countries, most notably Mali, where human rights organizations have accused its forces of committing various crimes.

Afrireporters reported earlier that the plan to deploy forces to the Republic of Niger by the Nigerian government suffered a huge setback after the Senate rejected the move.

The proposal is part of an ECOWAS’ force plan to restore the democratically elected President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum.

The junta faces a 6 August deadline set by the regional bloc to release and reinstate President Bazoum.

Nigeria has led the charge in the sanction after cutting electricity supplies and closing its borders with Niger since the highly condemned coup.

Price of goods is rising and there’s limited access to cash as sanctions from former allies take effect.

Over the last week, foreign nationals have started departing the country as they fear possible escalation of the crisis in the poor African country.

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