March 1, 2024

John Mahama: Ghana opposition denounces proposed bid to change election date

Former president of Ghana who is also an opposition presidential candidate, John Mahama, has denounced a proposed shift of the general elections from December to November this year.

The Electoral Commission (EC), citing the need for adequate time to manage operations, including potential run-offs, supported the proposal initially suggested by political parties.

However, Mahama, representing the National Democratic Congress (NDC), suggested that the proposed date change was unrealistic.

While accusing the electoral umpire of poor preparations ahead of the poll, the former president argued that the intention to postpone the election is not being considered in good faith.

In another development, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has submitted a petition to the commission requesting a change of the election day from the usual 7th of December due to its coincidence with Saturday, the church’s worship day.

General elections are expected to be held in Ghana on December 7, 2024, to elect the president and members of Parliament.

Incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo is term-limited and thus ineligible to run again.

The President of Ghana is elected using the two-round system, while the 275 members of Parliament are elected in single-member constituencies.

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