December 6, 2023

Nigeria set to unveil world-class military industrial complex — Matawalle

Bello Matawalle, the Minister of State for Defence, expressed confidence that Nigeria’s Military Industrial Complex, currently in development, will meet world-class standards.

Matawalle revealed that the National Assembly has already passed a bill for the establishment of the complex, which will be managed by the Defence Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON).

Speaking in Abuja, he emphasised, “It is a world-standard outfit that everyone will be proud of.”

The minister highlighted the importance of empowering indigenous companies, ensuring that military component companies have skilled personnel to enhance local production.

“We are going to make sure that the complex is of international standard. We have to go round the world to see the best equipment because that’s what we should be putting in that place,” Matawalle asserted.

He outlined plans for war production lines capable of manufacturing various warfare equipment, asserting that DICON will soon take off, promising surprises in terms of Nigeria’s production capabilities.

Shifting focus to the ongoing operations of the Multinational Joint Task Force, Matawalle commended its success in neutralizing bandits and criminals across the country.

He assured Nigerians that, with the acquired military equipment, all criminals would be eradicated within a limited time.

“Several operations are ongoing. Mr President has directed us to do everything possible to restore peace to Nigeria. Our military teams are achieving a lot. They are working very hard now,” the minister stated.

He emphasised the remarkable progress in the North-East, citing improved travel conditions between local governments due to the efforts of gallant soldiers.

Matawalle concluded with a strong commitment to free Nigeria from criminal activities, stating, “We have been given the authority, so we will not let this country be held hostage by criminals.”

The unveiling of Nigeria’s world-class Military Industrial Complex signals a significant step towards enhancing the country’s defense capabilities and ensuring national security.

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