November 30, 2023

Global Peace Coalition calls for justice, resolution in Israel-Palestine conflict

The Coalition for Global Peace (CGP) has issued a resounding call for justice and peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict, as tensions continue to escalate in the troubled region.

Following an emergency stakeholders’ meeting, CGP released a detailed press statement on Friday October 13, 2023, highlighting their observations and prayers for the conflict’s resolution.


The CGP expressed grave concerns about various aspects of the ongoing conflict:

CGP decried Israel’s perceived colonialism and apartheid policies, emphasizing that it stands as the last stronghold of such practices in today’s world.

The coalition criticized Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian population, arguing that it flagrantly violated international laws.

Israel’s approach to its neighbors, primarily through walls instead of bridges of understanding, drew disapproval from CGP.

Israel’s open disregard for United Nations resolutions was underscored.

The United States, considered Israel’s strongest ally, was criticized for its perceived partiality in the Middle East crisis.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was singled out for his oppressive policies toward the Palestinian people.

The CGP expressed concerns about the United Nations’ effectiveness in guaranteeing global peace and security.

Western media, political leaders, and public intellectuals were accused of providing unwavering support to Israel, framing the conflict as a just cause in Israel’s favor.

The coalition noted an alarming rise in fake news aimed at inciting anti-Palestine sentiments on both traditional and social media platforms.


In response to these concerns, the CGP issued a set of prayers, including:

Declaration of support for the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

A call on the international community, led by the United Nations, to urgently de-escalate the crisis and enforce a ceasefire agreement.

A demand for Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians and address the humanitarian crisis resulting from its policies.

A call for investigations into violations of international laws on both sides and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Urging the United States to reevaluate its role in the Middle East crisis to prove its impartiality.

A plea to the United Nations to fulfill its mandate as the guarantor of global peace and security.

Encouragement for African nations, particularly Nigeria, to maintain their solidarity with the Palestinian people due to shared experiences of colonialism.

An appeal to the international community to facilitate the resumption of negotiations toward a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A call to people of conscience worldwide to sustain advocacy for the freedom of Palestine, seen as the last vestige of colonialism.

An appeal to journalists, politicians, religious leaders, social media influencers, and opinion leaders to verify the sources of their news for the sake of global peace.


The statement received endorsements from various stakeholder groups, including the Network for Democracy and Development, Da’wah Coordination Council of Nigeria, Federation of Muslim Women Associations in Nigeria, and several other organizations dedicated to promoting peace and justice in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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