June 17, 2024

Ghastly motor accident killed two, injured three at Eko Bridge—NEMA

A ghastly road accident at the Eko Bridge in Lagos State has resulted in the deaths of two victims, while three others were brutally injured.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, the tragic multiple vehicle crash of six vehicles, including a heavily loaded ‘MAC’ truck with registration number T-1501 LA, occurred around 1435 hours of today.

“Tragically, the incident resulted in two fatalities (a male and a female) and left five individuals seriously injured,” report from the emergency rescue team stated.

It explained, “The collision occurred due to a brake failure in the ‘MAC’ truck, which collided with five other vehicles, including a commercial minibus known as a ‘Korope.’

“The vehicles involved were a fully loaded truck (T-150 IL), a Lexus Jeep (LSP 795 EW), a Toyota Camry (AKD 606 HH), another Toyota (LND 217 GX), a minibus (FKJ 77 YG), and (LSR 952 HZ).”

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