May 29, 2024

Osupa and Ownership of Fuji Music

By Akeem Alao

While taking a siesta, I picked up my phone and began to surf Facebook. Next, I stumbled on Saheed Osupa’s live performance — Fuji Vibration 2022 in Lagos.

The show is one of Osupa’s stellar stage performances–an indelible one. As a fan, you have no choice; you continue to watch the show and internalize the beautiful, lyrical lines.

He acknowledged that Sikiru Ayinde Barrister bequeathed ownership of Fuji music to him. “He laid the solid foundation for all Fuji musicians.” There is no doubt about that.

As the most creative among them, he does not disappoint us fans; the King of Fuji Music claims and maintains the ownership.

This ownership reflects in everything he portrays on the stage. He owns everything. I swear.

I have attached a clip from the Fuji Vibration 2022 show on Thursday December 8, 2022, to concretize my assertion. It will be too abstract to just assert that he owns Fuji without veritable evidence, especially from a recent show because some of his ‘haters’ will always claim that he “was good in the past, but he has lost the quality that brought him to the limelight.” That is a completely fortuitous insult to his intelligence.

In the video attached, you will see nothing but ownership. He owns the stage. The band. The instruments. The philosophical lyrics. The audience.

The dance steps go with the beats. As a seasoned music creator, he confidently and authoritatively controls the band to beat and operate the instruments—the guitar, piano, sax, and drums–at a decent decibel level. When they go beyond the normal level, you hear him say, “Ariwo kọ́ ni Music”. You need to watch the video clip.

Besides, his sartorial appearance for the show completely befits the occasion. That is ownership.

Also, in the video, while claiming ownership of Fuji music, he says magisterially that his music stands out among others. He stresses, “Many musicians have taken their music as far as America, but their lyrics can never be compared with mine.” That is ownership.

Again, in the video, he manages the stage well. Trained dancers are with him to entertain the fans. Osupa ends up retraining them in good bodily movements to Fuji music. That is ownership.

We all know that he is the current owner of Fuji music. Remember he proclaims this most times, especially during a live show.


Èmi ni olúwa fújì

Èmi gangan ni àtúbọ̀tán fújì

Torí mo jogún ẹ̀ lọ́wọ́ Bàrúsátì…

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