July 24, 2024

Thrilling ObanWearsChallenge wraps up as Al-Hikmah varsity don, Sanusi Lafiagi, emerges top winner

The keenly contested and mouth-watering ObanWearsChallenge has ended with top winners emerging from the virtual race that has generated attention on the Nigerian social media space.

The challenge was initiated to support local talent and promote a budding fashion entrepreneur, Oba AbdulAzeez, the CEO,  Oban Wears.

Dr Sanusi Lafiagi, a lecturer at Al-Hikmah University, Kwara State, was declared the challenge winner as he overpowered dozens of other contestants with 81 points.

The lecture at the Department of Islamic Studies of the Ilorin-based higher institution topped his closest challenger, Ibn Abdillah As-Sudaisy Al-Iloori, with 9 points to emerge victorious.

The third position was clinched by Yusuf Ozemoya A. while the fourth place was snatched by Abdussalam Ibn Hambal who surpassed another contestant, Alfa Shehu, in the exciting race for premium Babanriga, a popular regal attire, characterized by its flowing robes and intricate embroidery which is popular in West and other parts of Africa.

The contestants, who participated in the Facebook contest, were rated according to the quality of their content, engagement, consistency and referral.

In the female section, Mariam Ashraff was the Usain Bolt of the race after she amassed 60.1% to top the chart. UmmuBilaal Mujaahidah Bint Eesaa and Ganiyah Yunus-Balogun got 45.3% and 43.8% to complete the top three in respective order.

Afri Reporters earlier reported that Lafiagi, who emerged as the winner of the race, expressed his motivation for joining the challenge, citing personal admiration for ObanWears’ craftsmanship and kindness.

He recounted instances where ObanWears generously offered to sew his Sallah materials for free, demonstrating a genuine and trustworthy relationship between them.

To actively contribute to the challenge, Sanusi Lafiaji encouraged his followers and supporters to patronize ObanWears using his designated code, SL.

Sanusi Lafiagi urged his followers to actively participate by sharing and supporting his entry, advocating for fairness and integrity in the voting process.

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