December 6, 2023

Arteta: Angry Arsenal boss breaks silence on controversial Newcastle goal

Mikel Arteta has expressed outrage after Newcastle’s slender 1-0 win ended Arsenal’s perfect start to the new season.

Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon bundles in the opener after a lengthy VAR check.

This was the first time Arsenal failed to score in all competitions this season (17th game).

Speaking on the controversial goal , Arteta said ” it’s not a goal, not at all!”.

“The result should not be what it is! It’s a disgrace”.

“It’s embarrassing what happened, incredible”.

“If there was a team looking to win the game today it was Arsenal. Nothing else to say about that, please”.

“For many reasons it’s not a goal — for more than one reason at least it’s not a goal. And there’s too much at stake here, we put in so much effort, and it’s so difficult to compete at this level”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. Again, I feel embarrassed — I’ve be more than 20 years in this country, and this is nowhere near the level to describe this as the best league in the world. I am sorry”.

“How this goal stands, in the Premier League… this league we say is the best in the world. I have been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed”.

“The outcome is nowhere near the level this league needs to have and the way this league is getting competed in”.

“It’s not good enough here in PL. I feel embarrassed to be part of this, it’s not possible really”.

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