December 3, 2023

Governor Sanwo-Olu approves N375m to empower Lagos indigenes pursuing tertiary education 

Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu has approved the payment of N375,455,000.00 (Three Hundred And Seventy-Five Million, Four Hundred And Fifty-Five Thousand Naira) for both Fresh and Subsequent Scholarship and Bursary awards in a giant move to support the academic pursuits of Lagos State indigenes across the country.

The fund is intended to reduce the financial challenges that Lagosians endure while pursuing higher education in Nigeria.

Abdur-Rahman Lekki, the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Scholarship Board, disclosed this in a meeting with key stakeholders in his office.

Mr. Lekki emphasised Governor Sanwo-Olu’s ongoing commitment to move education to its most deserving height in Lagos State.

The Governor’s objective is to make education more accessible, affordable, and sustainable, as evidenced by the prompt distribution of these funds, he said.

He pointed further that the government is committed to the care of youngsters and their educational journey, as well as its dedication to providing accessible and affordable education regardless of the country’s economic circumstances.

Breaking down the allocation, Abdur-Rahman Lekki explained that N164,500,000.00 (One Hundred and Sixty-Four Million, Five Hundred and Thousand Naira) has been earmarked for the 2021/2022 Fresh Scholarship Award for Undergraduate, Masters & PhD (Batch B), 2021/2022 Subsequent Scholarship Award for Undergraduate & PhD, and 2022/2023 Subsequent Scholarship Award for Undergraduate & PhD recipients as well as the 2022/2023 Governor’s Discretionary Awards.

In addition, an allocation of N210,955,000.00 (Two Hundred and Ten Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand Naira) has been approved for the 2021/2022 Fresh Bursary Award for Undergraduates and Law School (Batch B), 2021/2022 Subsequent Bursary Award for Undergraduates, and 2022/2023 Subsequent Bursary Award for Undergraduates.

Lekki told beneficiaries awaiting payment that monies would be released as soon as the relevant administrative formalities were completed.

Mr. Lekki informed the public that applications for the Year 2022/2023 Fresh Scholarship and Bursary Awards had been successfully completed, and that the Academic and Indigenship Verification Processes were about to begin. Students are asked to check their emails on a frequent basis for updates.

As part of Governor Sanwo-Olu’s “T.H.E.M.E.S+ Agenda,” the Lagos State Scholarship Board is set to introduce Special Categories of Scholarships, focusing on the Poor and Vulnerable, as well as People Living With Disabilities.

This aligns with the intensified emphasis on Social Inclusion, Gender Equality, and Youth in the coming four years.

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