March 3, 2024

Shettima lauds Tinubu’s dedication to empowering MSMEs in South Africa

VP Kashim Shettima has lauded the commitment of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to empowering Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises at the 15th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Johannesburg.

Addressing pressmen at the BRICS Trade Fair, Mr Shettima maintained that President Tinubu is very passionate about MSME empowerment for the development of the national economy.

He said, “It is a known fact that the empowerment of MSMEs is key to empowering our youth and women towards contributing to the nation’s economic development.

“The President is a very compassionate leader and in the coming months, there will be changes in the fortunes of Nigeria.”

Shettima noted that government support for small and medium businesses will enable them to support their families and, as a result, improve the status of the nation’s economy.

He further commended the organizers of the trade fair, which had over 180 exhibitors across the globe, of which Nigerians were not an exception. He extolled their business struggles and enjoined them to partner with their home country for development of the African continent.

The Vice President exclaimed, “I am quite impressed by the investment Nigerians are making in South Africa. This is the harbinger of greater things to come. I can say that Nigerians are active in digital economy; they are active in fashion, they are equally active in mining.

“I am quite glad that quite a number of our countrymen are doing well and are willing to partner with the home nation for the greater glory of the African continent.”

While praising Rose Bank, a Nigerian investment outfit in South Africa, for the funding of a cassava project worth 40 billion Naira, the Vice President affirmed that “it is a game changer with the cassava value chain with its huge economic benefits. We hope that it will be reflected in other parts of the country.”

“The Vice President was accompanied to the Trade Fair by Nigeria’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Amb. Muhammad Haruna Manta, the Consul-General, Amb. Andrew Idi and other senior government officials,” the report noted.

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