May 29, 2024

Nigeria Army reads riot act to Imo bandits

The Nigerian Army’s 34 Artillery Brigade in Obinze, Imo State, has delivered a strong message to the bandits causing unrest in the region.

Brigadier General Usman Lawal, the newly appointed Commander of the Nigerian Army’s 34 Artillery Brigade in Imo State, made a resolute commitment to pursue and apprehend the bandits who have been disrupting the peace of the state, driving them out of their hiding places.

The primary objective is to significantly reduce the activities of these perpetrators, allowing the residents of Imo State to carry out their lawful activities without disturbance.

Imo State, like other South-Eastern states, has faced security challenges due to the actions of armed individuals and non-state actors.

The Nigerian Army’s 34 Artillery Brigade, working in conjunction with other security agencies in the state, has been at the forefront of the battle against insecurity.

Having spent 16 months in command, Brigadier General Sani Suleiman handed over leadership to Brigadier General Lawal as the new Brigade Commander of the 34 Artillery Brigade in Imo State.

The outgoing commander praised the Nigerian Army’s efforts in the recent months in curbing the bandits’ activities, emphasising their continued commitment to the fight against these criminals.

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Brigadier General Usman Lawal firmly pledged to carry out the directives of the Nigerian Army’s hierarchy, ensuring that “the criminals are pursued and brought to justice.”

During his introductory meeting with the command’s personnel, the new brigade commander familiarised himself with the unit’s operations.

With the assurance of the Army, the residents are hopeful that “Lawal’s leadership will effectively address the security challenges, providing them with a peaceful and secure environment to conduct their daily activities without fear or intimidation.”

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