May 29, 2024

Lecturer harasses Muslim Students for wearing Niqob

Dr. Akinyemi Bolanle Temitope, a female lecturer  at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State (FUNAAB), has been accused of harassing Muslim students who wear niqob. The students say that Dr. Akinyemi has repeatedly tried to prevent them from taking exams or attending classes because they were wearing niqob. Even after other invigilators had allowed the students to enter the exam hall, Dr. Akinyemi would reportedly come to the venue and try to chase them out.

The students say that Dr. Akinyemi’s behavior is discriminatory and oppressive. They point out that the school’s dress code does not ban niqob and that Muslim students have the right to wear it freely.

Initially, a student named Abioye Afeez Maryam sued the school for harassing her for wearing a niqob by not allowing her to enter the school compound. The school denied banning the niqob but said that face coverings were forbidden. This is an ambiguous statement that needs further clarification.

Here is a link with a pdf regarding the court judgment

“We are tired of being harassed by Dr. Akinyemi,” said one student. “We just want to be able to attend our classes and take our exams without being discriminated against.”

One such incident occurred at MP01, where the SU President, Tijani Habeebullah Kehinde, also known as Kennyology, even intervened. The student had already been given an answer sheet, but Dr. A.A. Adebiyi was insistent that she could not come back in for the exam because she had left the hall after distributing exam papers.

The students have filed a complaint with the school administration, but they say that they have not yet received a response.

The students say that they are hopeful that the school will take action against Dr. Akinyemi. They say that they are tired of being harassed and discriminated against and that they want to be able to attend their classes and take their exams without fear of being targeted.

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