April 15, 2024

ChatGPT, Tiktok, others smashed as Threads hits 100M users in less than 5 days

The Threads App launched by Meta has smashed the record of the AI tool ‘ChatGPT’ previously ranked as the fastest growing consumer application.

Data tracking websites disclosed this on Monday, July 10, 2023.

Threads App, launched as a rival to Twitter, has recorded over 100 million sign-ups, a milestone that took ChatGPT 2 months, TikTok 9 months, and Instagram 2 and a half years, in less than 5 days.

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According to a report, “Threads went live on Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries late on Wednesday, though it is not available in Europe because parent company Meta is unsure how to navigate the European Union’s data privacy legislation.

“Twitter is thought to have around 200 million regular users but it has suffered repeated technical failures since Elon Musk bought the platform last year and sacked thousands of staff.”

It added, “Musk, who also serves as the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, has also alienated many users by introducing charges for previously free services and allowing banned right-wing accounts back on the platform.

“Several rivals have emerged but most are niche platforms without the capacity to grow at the necessary scale to dethrone Twitter.

“Threads is finding it easier because it is linked to Instagram, which has more than one billion regular users.

“Online data service Quiver Quantitative reported that the app passed 100 million users at 07:00 GMT on Monday.

“Other websites using a count of the “badges” received by Instagram users who have downloaded Threads reckoned the mark had passed earlier.

“Musk has threatened to sue Meta for stealing trade secrets and intellectual property, claims denied by the company, which also owns Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Musk is locked in a rivalry with Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, with the two men calling each other out for a cage fight recently.”

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