May 28, 2024

Asoju Rere donates sports items worth millions of naira to schools in Osun

Hon. Olalekan Rasheed Afolabi (FCA) has donated sports items worth millions of naira to schools in in Ikirun, Oyan and Ada in Ifelodun, Boripe and Odo-Otin local governments.

This was disclosed in a statement on Tuesday July 4, 2023.

According to the statement, the school are Akinorun Grammar School, Ikirun, Oyan Grammar School, Oyan and Ada Commercial Secondary School.

Among the items donated to Akinorun Grammar School, Oyan Grammar School and Ada Commercial Grammar School are;

1) Tennis Racket – 2 per school
2) Badminton Racket – 2 per school
3) Shuttle Rackets – 8 per school
4) Volley Balls – 4 per school
5) Basket Ball – 2 per school
6) Badminton Nets – 3 per school
7) Shuttle Feders – 4 per school
8) Tennis Balls – 6 per school
9) Volleyball Nets – 3 per school
10) Basket Ball Nets – 3 per school
11) Table Tennis Nets – 2 per school
12) Football Double Net – 1 per school
13) Basket Ball hanger – 1 per school
14) Track Boots – 7 per school
15) Athletics Wears – 5 per school
16) Basketball Wears – 2 per school
17) Shot Put – 6 per school
18) Discuss – 4 per school
19) Javelins – 2 per school
20) Long Tennis Poles : 1 per school

When presenting the items to the schools one by one, Asoju Rere described the gesture as his own little contributions to discover the likes of Tobi Amusan and Victor Osimen among others in secondary schools in IBO federal constituency.

He stated that the initiative is aimed at boosting sports activities in secondary schools in IBO federal constituency.

He urged the students “to take their studies seriously and shun all social vices that can hinder their growth and realization of their potentials in life.”

While responding, Mrs. Olarinoye R. M, the Principal of Akinorun Grammar School; Mr. Aboderin Adeola, the Principal of Oyan Grammar School and Mr. Olawuyi E.O, all eulogised Asoju Rere for the numerous sports items, stating that “all the items donated are what they are in need of over the years.”

The students also appreciated the gesture of Asoju Rere and promised to judiciously utilize the items for the purpose they are meant for and wished him all the best in his future endeavors.

Also while in Oyan, Hon. Olalekan Rasheed Afolabi paid a visit to His Royal Highness, Oba Kelani Adekeye Oyedare Oluyeye 1 (Oloyan of Oyan) at his palace to intimate him of his mission in Oyan.

Oba Adekeye Oyedare showered encomium on Asoju Rere for his numerous intervention programmes in IBO federal constituency.

The paramount ruler of Oyanland prayed for Asoju Rere and assured him of good prosperity and posterity because he has done well.

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