April 20, 2024

Babangida urges President Tinubu to cater for all Nigerians

Gen. Ibrahim Babangida has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be a leader for all Nigerians as he assumes the presidency.

While describing Tinubu as a skillful politician, Babangida also emphasized the need for him to revitalize the Nigerian armed forces and rally the country’s economic powerhouses.

Babangida urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the new administration under Tinubu during an interview on Arise Television on Sunday May 29, 2023.

He emphasized that Tinubu must employ his skills to unite a divided nation, utilizing the nation’s exceptional talents to rejuvenate every sector, including the military.

Babangida stated, “Tinubu is an incredibly skilled politician who must utilize his abilities to unify a highly fragmented nation. He must mobilize Nigeria’s economic giants, both domestically and internationally, to address the nation’s economy and restructure the armed forces.”

“As the Commander-in-Chief, he must thoroughly assess the armed forces, providing them with new direction, training, and organization. The armed forces have undergone significant changes that require consolidation to enhance their efficiency.”

“I extend my best wishes to the new administration. They should prioritize Nigeria’s interests and the well-being of its citizens. Leadership is lacking at all levels. My only advice is for the people to be patient, continue supporting the new government, and raise concerns if they observe any missteps, while maintaining objectivity.”

Tinubu was officially sworn in as Nigeria’s president by Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola, on Monday morning.

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