July 13, 2024


I really do wonder whether those great patriots that fought a long and bloody war against British colonial rule and founded the United States of America in 1776 like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and so many others envisaged what has happened to their beloved country today?

I wonder whether the Pilgrim Fathers and great and wise men of old that, by faith in the Living God, left the Old World, crossed the Atlantic ocean in hazardous conditions and went to the New to establish a new beginning and build a new nation founded on freedom, equality, the fear of God and solid good old fashioned Christian virtues and values would believe what the beloved nation they toiled, prayed for, established and worked so hard to build has turned into today?

Would they not all be turning in their graves?

A nation that was once referred to by both friend and foe as the “land of the free and the home of the brave” is now neither free nor brave.

A mighty nation that delivered itself from its own internal prejudices, contradictions and demons by fighting a brutal civil war to free the slaves and that presented a great hope for those that dreamt of a world where all men and women could have equal opportunities regardless of class, history, color, race or creed has now lost its sense of decency, equity, honor and morality and turned into a corrupt, power drunk, morally bankrupt, blood-lusting, war-loving, terror-funding, egocentric and idiosyncratic collection of self-serving, self-seeking, cowardly and deluded individuals who serve the interests of not their own people but that of AIPAC, the Jewish lobby and the State of Israel.

A rich and powerful nation of over 300 million people that delivered the world from evil in both the First and Second World Wars, that defeated and dismantled the curse of Soviet Communism, that entrenched democracy throughout much of the world and that literally rules the waves today as the greatest super power in the history of humanity in a unipolar world is now nothing but the lap dog of little Israel?

It seems so hard to believe. Yet true it is!

Like Lucifer fell from heaven so you, O mighty America, has fallen from grace!

I weep for you.

Apart from your internal decay where the family system has been destroyed and traditional religious beliefs have been replaced by humanism and a godless philosophy in which the Lord is no longer reverred, where men marry men, where abortions are encouraged, where homosexuality is adored, where satanism is practised, where money is worshipped, where God has been banned from the schools and indeed every sphere of human endeavour and where the establishment of a New World Order is your ultimate objective you have also, with the help of your servile and fawning vassals like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland and others, debased and destroyed the fortunes and vision of many countries with your reckless and self-serving foreign policy and your insatiable thirst for power and world domination.

The number are legion but to mention a few, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, Ukraine and a number of others stand out.

You have literally left each of them in rubles and turned them into a shell of their former selves simply because you insisted on misleading them, controlling them and imposing your values and will on them.

You are also attempting to undermine and destroy Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, India, South Africa, the Arab Gulf States, Brazil, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Guinea, Egypt, Algeria and many others.

You wish to exploit them, enslave them, milk them, destroy them bend them to your will and turn them into your pliant little acolytes and colonies but thankfully so far you have failed.

Yet what exposes your monstrous, dark, evil and gluttonous degenration more than anything else is the way in which you nurture, protect, feed, arm and support your little baby Israel and how that baby has now become your slave master!

You quiver and bow at her every command and you seek to justify and rationalise her barbaric behaviour even when she operates what is undoubtedly a racist apartheid state and seeks to exterminate and occupy ALL the land of those she considers to be a lesser people with a lesser faith from a lesser nation like the Palestinians.

For the last seven months the entire world has witnessed with shock the way and manner in which you have not only allowed but openly encouraged her to commit mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza violating every rule and norm of international law and subjecting the Palestinian people to a modern day holocaust.

This is unacceptable and you have as much blood on your hands as a consequence of your shameless complicity as the Israelis themselves.

The truth is they could not and would not have dared to indulge in this monstrous and cruel display of depravity and in this bloodfest and killing spree without your tacit approval and support.

This is bad enough but the worst aspect of it all is that when the world boils in anger, weeps and wails and attempts to bring your baby to justice for her wanton and wilful display of utter madness whether at the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court, you bare your ugly fangs and growl like a wounded lion and you boldly tell us that we should know and MUST accept that your little Israel and the fascist right wing white and non-semitic European colonial settlers and Zionists that own and lead her are Gods chosen people, are above the law and are entitled to do ANYTHING they deem fit, including wiping out the Palestinians!

This disposition and open endorsement of pure and unadulterated evil is nauseating and sickening and it is a graphic reflection of the unconciable beast that you have now become.

You do not fear God, you do not fear world opinion, you do not fear even those from your own nation that are protesting your madness and you do not fear your conscience!

The only thing you fear is your Lord and master Israel!

I am.constrained to ask, who on earth has bewitched you and which invocations and spells of occult sorcery from the ancient Kabbala did the Jews invoke to capture and bind your spirit and soul and to make you behave in this slavish manner?

You are no longer the mighty giant that we once knew and reverred but rather you are now what the Nigerian people would decribe as a “woman wrappa” to your beloved Israel.

At the mention of her name your strength fails you, your knees bend, your heart beats faster, your soul melts, your emotions overwhelm you and you bow, genoflect, crawl and quiver before her like

a young man before his first love.

Truly this is satan’s work: you can no longer control your own will, you have been cursed, charmed and reduced to nothing and you are under a powerful spell.

I cry for you!

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague issues a warrant of arrest for other world leaders you rejoice but when they consider issuing the same for @netanyahu, the Israeli PM, you wet your pants, soil your diapers & threaten brimstone & fire!

Through one of your jittery officials at the State Department you went as far as to proclaim that

“the ICC has no jurisdiction over Israeli officials” and therefore has no right to even issue any arrest warrant on Netanyahu.

You forget that you were amongst those who clapped the loudest when a similar and active arrest warrant was issued on Russian President Vladimer Putin.

For that you believed that the ICC acted within its powers and in fact did a great job yet you believe it is “unacceptable” for them to issue such a warrant on Bibi Netanyahu.

Your hypocrisy and double standards beggars belief!

Again you have just passed a law which violates your own constitution, known as the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which outrightly bans free speech & which seeks to jail anyone that opposes, condemns or criticises the Jews, the Zionists or the State of Israel or that accuses them of being a racist, apartheid state or of committing genocide in Gaza or at any other place or time in their long 5000 year history including during the days of the Holy Bible!

Your Congress just voted to make it ILLEGAL to compare Israel’s genocidal actions to Nazi Germany

and they have effectively banned the Holy Bible in a supposedly “Christian” nation.

Is this not evidence of a diseased mind?

To be clear the new law makes it illegal to criticise, protest against or boycott Israel.

It also makes it ILLEGAL to preach or qoute the portions of the GOSPEL & the Holy Bible where the countless & horrendous atrocities that were committed by the Jews against other nations thousands of years ago were listed!

The House of Representatives just voted to make preaching the FULL GOSPEL of the Christian faith ILLEGAL in America!

Let that sink in!

Megatron_ron captured it well when he wrote the following on X.

“The US House has passed an act that totally bans speaking and protesting against Israel. Even if you preach parts of the bible that clearly state the days the Jews killed Christ you will be arrested. In response to campus anti-Israel protests, the House is rushing to to vote on a new bill, HR 6090. This new Bill would officially define “Antisemitism” so the federal government can sue, prosecute, or sanction more people, businesses, and universities for supposed violations of civil rights law. This Bill would make it illegal to compare Israeli policies to Nazi policies. It would make it illegal to describe Israel as racist. It would make it illegal to accuse an American citizen of being more loyal to Israel than to the United States”.

Is this not sad and amazing?

Is it not a tragedy of Shakesperean proportions?

Does it not make your blood boil and your skin crawl?

Are we not entering the Orwellian world that the British author George Orwell wrote about and predicted in his celebrated book many decades ago and that the writer and great visionary and intellectual @davidicke often refers to today?

Is America, a once great country that exalted justice, freedom and righteousness, not turned into a big fat turd that is now in the process of flushing herself down the Israeli toilet!

Surely she can no longer be referred to as the “United States of America” but rather the “United States of Zion!”

On his part @Jakeshieldsajj a highly respected American public affairs commentator and social media influencer, wrote the following on X:

“In the past two weeks, Congress has made anti-semitism illegal, demanded that anti-Israel protesters must be arrested, banned TikTok at Israel’s request, given $100 billion to Israel and Ukraine for war, approved warrantless spying on Americans, approved $3.5 billion aid for illegal immigrants and done nothing for the American people! It’s become clear they are not here to serve us.”

Jake has spoken the bitter truth.

Perhaps the most asinine and chilling contribution of all came from American Senator Ted Cruz, a one time presidential aspirant, a ranking Senator and a man who, up until recently, I had immense respect for.

He said, “I condemn NOTHING that the Israelis are doing!”

Is this not evidence of mental illness!

People are slaughtering thousands of children on a monthly basis with weapons that are being supplied by the American taxpayer which you as a Senator approved in your budget and you say you cannot condemn it?

Does that not make Cruz and those that think like him accomplices in the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity?

People like him should tell me why I should condemn Hamas for what they did on October 7th if he refuses to condemn the Jews for the 1948 Nakba in which they murdered almost one million Palestinians!

They should tell me why I should condemn Hamas if they refuse to condemn the Israeli Army for the 2024 genocide in Gaza in which 40,000 civilians have been murdered in 7 seven months and still counting?

Again Senator Cruz and indeed the entire American Congress claim that the phrase which the pro-Palestinian protesters and forces have come to regard as their signature tune and battle cry which boldly proclaims that “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” connotes the intention of the Palestinians to eliminate every single Jew in Israel yet they fail to apply the same standard, connotation and sinister intention when the Zionists themselves use the same slogan in respect of the same land and when they scream “from the river to the sea, Israel shall have sovereignty”.

Permit me to ask, why the double standard?

When the Palestinians say it you claim that they want to kill every Jew in the nation but when the Jews say it you claim that they have no evil intentions for the Palestinians!

Is this not another example of the self-serving, infantile and puerile reasoning that most Americans and Europeans suffer from and have been afflicted with when it comes to the Gaza issue and does it not prove the fact that as far as the majority of Americans are concerned the Palestinians do not have the right to exist or to be treated like human beings whilst the Jews are treated like gods?

Is this fair? Is it rational? Does it make sense?

The Jews constitute only 2% of the American population and yet they have been singled out for such preferential treatment and protection whilst the State of Israel, a distant nation of only 9 million people, has been accorded the special status of being “Gods chosen people” and well above the law and is entitled to commit the most grievous and heinous acts of genocide, ethnic and religious cleansing and mass murder without criticism or consequence.

All this you have done for a people and a nation which comprises of a deluded and sociopathic horde of genocidal psychopaths that not only murdered Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, that not only wiped out the Amalekites 5000 years ago, that not ethnically cleansed the Midianites 4000 years ago, that not only exterminated the Agagites 3000 years ago, that not only butchered 1 million Palestinians during the Nakba in 1948, that not only eliminated millions of Arabs all over the Middle East in the last 75 years but that has also killed 40,000 innocent and defenceless civilians, including 20,000 children, in the last 7 months in Gaza and are set to kill even more in Raffa!

Is this not madness? Pray tell us, I ask again, who has bewitched you?

I say woe unto you!

Your awesome power and mind-boggling wealth has driven you insane and far from God!

From being perceived as the leader of the free world you can now be best described as the fawning and pliant pit bull terrier of the Zionist state and the world’s leading genocide supporter and enabler!

The truth is that there can be no defence or justification for anyone or any nation, no matter how rich and powerful, that supports a country of genocidal maniacs and psychopathic child killers.

The Zionist state of Israel is the greatest evil that we have seen since Nazi Germany.

It is a vicious, savage, bloodthirsty, racist, apartheid entity that is led by a group of desperate and deluded European settlers and land grabbing colonialists and that has lost its right to exist.

The sooner it is wiped off the face of the earth the better!

Yet for America there is still hope and that hope lies in people like the Christian protesters who barricaded themselves at the cafeteria of the American Congress last week and who said that as long as the people of Gaza could not eat they would not allow the members of the House to enter the cafeteria to eat!

Again that hope lies in the courageous and gallant students, lecturers and academics who have demonstrated their commitment to justice, decency and humanity by vigorously protesting in Universtiy campuses all over the country.

As a former American presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, rightly said those young demonstrators are “out there for the right reasons! They are out there not because they are pro-Hamas. They are out there because they are outraged by what the Israeli government is doing in Gaza!”

Sanders is right and permit me to add that those protesting students are indeed the saving grace of America.

Despite the fact that they have been subjected to the most brutal repression by the security forces who have raided the campuses injuring many in an attempt to disperse them and in spite of the fact that as at the time of writing this piece over 2000 of them have been arrested and detained in various police stations across the nation, they continue to come out in their thousands and stand for the people of Gaza.

They represent America’s pride and joy and the brightest and best of American youth and they are now all fired up and are marching the streets and university campuses for the Palestinians!

This is a truly remarkable moment in world history and it represents a seismic and monumental shift in the perception, hearts and minds of the younger people in a nation that has been in the pocket and under the control of the Jews and the Zionists since the end of World War 11.

Permit me to end this contribution with the following.

Nothing symbolises the renewed hope that we are witnessing more than the beautiful and moving words of Professor Rashid Khalidi, who has been a Professor of Modern Arabic Studies at New York’s Columbia University for the last 22 years.

In an inspiring address to the students and in a speech that will reverberate throughout history he said, inter alia, the following.

“This is about a genocide being carried on with American money and with American weapons, against a people enduring generations of occupation. The students of Columbia fought against the Viet Nam war when I was a student here many years ago. We protested against that war then and today we honor the memories of those who took part in that great struggle by doing the same for the Palestinians and the people of Gaza!”

May God guide and protect them all and may He grant the people of Gaza and Palestine victory!

(Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the Sadaukin Shinkafi and the Wakilin Doka Potiskum, is a lawyer, a former Minister of Culture and Tourism and a former Minister of Aviation)


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