July 12, 2024

Signs you may have a narcissist wife by Shamseddin Giwa

1. She has had an experience that obviously didn’t work out. Prepare your mind that elements of that experience will still remain in her life that you’d need to accept.

2. Her children, though from a past relationship form a strong part of her present and future. You’d need to love them as part of her package.

3. She already has responsibilities. Loving her will mean seeking to aid and support her as much as you can. You shouldn’t have to be asked or told.

4. Her children have a biological father that’s not you. He will always be their father and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. It may take a bit to warm up to you, give it time.

5. Children connect her permanently to her ex husband. While it is expected to regulate it, don’t expect his presence to be zero.

6. She has experience and will be different in mindset from someone who has never been married. As such you’d need to start from a high level of maturity.

7. Where she hasn’t completely healed, you will need to be extra patient and even help her heal, not trigger her.

8. Clear every prejudice and misconception you have. Come with an open mind and focus on who she really is today and now.

9. Society is not as kind to divorced women and single mothers. If you want her, you’d need to be mature, strong and thick skinned to nay sayers who cannot understand what you see and desire.

10. As with every relationship and marriage, you’d need to be extra patient with her.

Shamseddin Giwa

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