June 24, 2024

Military authorities in Gabon roll out plans to hold elections in 2025

Military authorities in Gabon have announced plans to hold a general election in August 2025.

The move is a response to an intense pressure from the international community on the junta to return the central African country to civilian rule.

The military regime also announced that a new constitution would be presented at the end of October 2024, including a referendum on its adoption which would be held around November-December of the same year.

Gen Brice Oligui Nguema seized power in August from his cousin, Ali Bongo, promising to rescue the country from a “severe institutional” crisis.

The former civilian leader took over in 2009 on the death of his father Omar, who had ruled since 1967.

Oppositions have condemned the Bongo family for doing little to share Gabon’s oil and mining wealth with its 2 million population.

The coup in Gabon in August was the eighth in West and Central Africa since 2020.

The country has faced a series of sanctions from international organizations and allies in response to the military takeover.

Last week, the African Development Bank (AfDB) lifted financial sanctions imposed on the country after the removal of President Ali Bongo.

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