June 24, 2024

Adeleke breaks silence on averted crash, denies birds’ nest claim

Governor Ademola Adeleke has spoken out against the incident of averted plane crash involving him and his aide on September 5, saying the plane might have been tampered with before boarding but it has never resulted from birds building nests on the engines.

He reiterated the regular maintenance of the plane by experts, adding that it had never been unused.

The spokesperson for the governor, Mr Olawale Rasheed stated this today.

It was said that the private jet had been abandoned for a long time, which caused birds to build their nests before being boarded by Mr Governor and his aide.

However, the spokesperson for the governor strongly refuted this claim, saying the highly technically equipped aircraft was well maintained with the best technical crew and was never an unused platform where birds could build nests.

Mr Rasheed added, “The near fatal incident was averted shortly after boarding and less than two minutes after the commencement of taxing on the tarmac.

He noted an early warning noise from the engines, which immediately prompted the pilots to direct the evacuation of the passengers. Everything happened within five minutes.

Nevertheless, investigations (locally and internationally) are ongoing on the cause of the incident, the governor’s aide said.

He, however, expressed that no casualties among passengers on board occurred and that everyone, including Mr Ademola Adeleke, is “hale and hearty.”

The governor appreciated all well wishers and supporters for their concerns and worries since the day of the incident.

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