June 17, 2024

Transformation Agenda: Ongoing federal roads project ’ll be redesigned as concrete, says Umahi

In furtherance to his pledge to transform federal road projects, the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Dave Umahi has announced that all federal roads not more than 20 percent execution will be redesigned as concrete.


According to him, the shift towards the construction of concrete roads across the country will enhance the durability and longevity of road infrastructure in Nigeria.


He added that implementation of the plan will also reduce frequency of maintenance and rehabilitation on those projects.


The minister said, “The concrete roads will offer a remarkable 50-year lifespan, significantly surpassing the average lifespan of asphalt roads, which he put at 15.”


He added: “A very important thing that I must let you know is the issue of the introduction of concrete technology on our roads. You find out that we are having so much pressure on the Naira; the importation of bitumen is putting a lot of pressure on the Naira. But cement has a local content.


“Almost all our projects that were awarded three years ago are due for review; some have been reviewed through VOP (variation of price), and so it doesn’t leave us with an assurance that if a project is started, it will be appropriated for and it could be completed.”

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