June 17, 2024

Minister of Works, David Umahi assures quality project delivery

The Minister of Works, David Umahi has assured Nigerians of durable road projects with concrete technology, stating that roads that will be constructed under his watch will last for fifty years before demanding maintenance.

Mr. Umahi, a former governor and senator representing Ebonyi South, stated this while featuring pressmen on Channels TV today.

He lamented the usually stipulated life span of five to seven years by contactors, stressing that it hinders development and is a major reason why government finances a single project repeatedly in a short time period.

Umahi noted that he has tried and implemented the concrete method of road construction in the past and that anybody in need of testimony can visit Ebonyi for confirmation.

“I noticed that some of the projects, while you are still on the roads, have gone bad,” he remarked.

“The lifespan of a road is between five to seven years. That should not be. And that’s why everywhere, we are putting money on projects and not getting value for it.

“I have directed that all the ‘no objections’ my ministry submitted to the BPP be returned,” the minister added.

He stated further, “We need to look at the new method of constructing our roads based on our climate. The moment we deploy concrete technology, I promise Nigerians, with the directive of President Bola Tinubu, that any road we do with our new technology for fifty years, nobody is going to maintain it.

“Money will be saved and money will be wisely spent in our tenure.”

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