July 24, 2024

Jurgen Klinsmann backs Harry Kane to succeed in Germany

Bayern Munich legend, Jurgen Klinsmann has backed Harry Kane to succeed in Germany following his shocking move from Tottenham some days ago.

Jurgen Klinsmann said his transfer to Bayern has given the club the needed firepower they missed last season after Robert Lewandowski left to join Barcelona

Kane, one of the Premier League’s best attackers, made the shocking move to Bayern this summer, leaving Tottenham after a prolonged transfer saga. He left the English team in search of club honours.

Klinsmann, a former Bayern and Tottenham striker, while commenting Kane’s move, expresses hope that he would perform well in Germany just like Robert Lewandowski. “I see it very similar to the Levandowski role,” said Klinsmann.

“When Robert went from Dortmund to Bayern, he fit in right away. He had players around him that feed him constantly with the balls. Harry is also a player that is much involved in the build up, in the link up with his teammates. He likes to drop back a little bit, play a No.10 role here and there, so it’ll be interesting to see if the other players around him switch roles as well. He can move out sometimes of the No.9 position and somebody else steps in.

“I think the way by a Munich plays is very similar to actually how Spurs played last year and the years before under several different managers. I think he will fit straight in. I don’t think that it will take much time for him to adapt and to get his opportunities to score. If he gets those opportunities, similar to Lewandowski, I would say, he’s just so clinical. He is so good at finishing off his opportunities. He’s a very, very complete centre-forward and that’s why he’s in the top three in the world in his position. I expect him to score goals. How many? We’ll see, but he will definitely bring goals and make people happy in Munich.”

“The expectations at Bayern Munich is always the same: you have to win, at least, the Bundesliga title,” he said. “You have to win, probably, the DFB-Pokal and you have to be, at least, in the final four of the Champions League, so that’s what you live with. Day in, day out. There are, I don’t know, 10-15 million Bayern Munich fans, and they expect pretty much all of the trophies if possible.

“I think with these two big transfers [Kane and Kim Min-jae], they put themselves in a position where they really can say that they are going to compete straight away for the Champions League title.”


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