June 17, 2024

17 soldiers killed, others injured in Niger terrorist attack

A bloody terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 17 Niger army officers while another 20 were injured in an ambush in an ambush, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.


The Niger Armed Forces personnel were ambushed on Tuesday while travelling between Boni and Torodi near Koutougou, according to a statement from the ministry.


It went on to say that 20 soldiers were injured, six of them critically, and were transported to the capital Niamey.

Approximately 100 terrorists were neutralized and 50 motorcycles were destroyed during a military operation undertaken in response to the attack, according to the ministry. A search is still ongoing, according to the statement.

“The prompt reaction of the military and the air-land response initiated at the scene of the clash made it possible to deal with the enemy,” a government statement said.

The government has expressed its condolences to the families and wishes the injured a swift recovery.

the country’s forces have been facing repeated attacks from terrorists – the seventh attack – since General Abdouramane Tchiani-led Junta took over power from President Mohamed Bazoum in Niamey three weeks ago.

The Junta blamed extremist insurgency, and corruption among others as reasons for the military intervention.

Earlier in the week, the junta said it would prosecute Mr. Bazoum for high treason over his alliance with foreign heads of state and international organisations.

The United States, United Nations and West African leaders criticised the move, describing it as an indication that the junta is unwilling to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis.

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