May 28, 2024

Kenya: President Ruto launches development projects in Nyeri County

 In a significant move towards bolstering Kenya’s development, President William Ruto has  convened a Cabinet Meeting at the Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri County.

The gathering was marked by an emphasis on addressing stalled government projects, aimed at reigniting economic growth, and fostering increased job opportunities for millions of Kenyans.

Earlier, President Ruto inaugurated several pivotal projects across the region, underscoring the administration’s commitment to infrastructural advancement and economic prosperity, including a 45 Kilometre Ichamara-Rutune in Mukuruwe–ini, Nyeri County 

The President reaffirmed the Government’s determination to revitalize stagnant projects, infuse them with innovation, and accelerate their completion, in harmony with the enduring spirit of the Late President Mwai Kibaki’s rallying call: “Kazi Itaendelea.”

Notably, the President inaugurated the 2,500-acre Kaigunji Irrigation Project in Tetu, Nyeri County. 

Addressing a gathering at the Kaigunji Water Project launch, President Ruto emphasized the Administration’s dedication to the economic prosperity of Nyeri County. 

The President also formally commissioned the Othaya Sewerage Project – Last Mile Connectivity. This initiative reflects the Government’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure and addressing fundamental sanitation needs. 

Further solidifying the Administration’s commitment to progress, President Ruto launched the Ichamara-Rutune Road in Mukurwe-Ini, Nyeri County. 

He also inaugurated the Nyeri Stage and Bus Park, a critical transit hub within Nyeri Town. He pledged Sh150 Million in Government support towards the expansion of a modern market in the town, a market that will be equipped with free Wi-Fi connectivity.

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