April 15, 2024

German Shepherd Dog kills owner in Cameroon

A companion German Shepherd has killed its owner in Cameroon. The tragic incident happened when the dog supposedly went out of control from stressful situation.

This was stated in a tweet by Chijioke, Ph.D, on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

The attack of the dog, which was originally bred in Germany for herding sheep by Max von Stephanitz in the late 19th century, but now commonly used as pet, has incited a lots of reactions.

Reacting to the tweet, @Ekwulu blamed him (the pet owner) for keeping company of such a dangerous animal.

Counteracting the tweet, @OgbeideSmith mentioned that the breed is not dangerous, but friendly, especially to its owner.

Also reacting, @Bechiny restated the calmness and loyalty of the breed and that something must have stirred up the dog to behave in such negative manner.

Supporting Bechiny’s veiw, @RajalBrillC maintained that improper handling and knowledge could result into the saddened situation.

“For people saying German shepherds are calm, yes it’s true, bt untrained and unsocialized german shepherd can be brutal and aggressive, because the dog is afraid and resort to aggression to chase people away and can kill if not careful. Even beautiful breeds like golden retriever,” he added.

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