June 24, 2024

Breaking: Afeez Agoro, Nigeria’s tallest man, is dead

In a breaking development, Afeez Agoro Oladimiji, a well-known reality TV star and actor celebrated for his towering height, has sadly departed.

Regarded as the tallest man in Nigeria, Agoro’s burial arrangements are currently underway at his residence on Community Road in Akoka, as confirmed by The Nation.

Yesterday, Agoro was urgently taken to the hospital due to complications that arose. It is worth noting that his last Facebook post, dated May 28, expressed gratitude to the Almighty for a successful hip replacement surgery and emphasized the upcoming therapy.

Throughout his hip recovery journey, Agoro was supported by his personal doctor, Dr. Dike.

Agoro’s imposing height, measuring 7 feet 4 inches, never failed to draw attention and captivate people’s gaze wherever he went.

The residents of Akoka/Bariga community, where he resided, have begun expressing their heartfelt condolences.

Segun Adesanya, the Chairman of Akoka Community Development Association (CDA), verified the unfortunate news and lamented “the loss of such a promising young man.”

“May Afeez Agoro’s soul rest in peace,” he prayed.

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