June 17, 2024

Gov Zulum to employ 5000 teachers for afternoon school in Borno

Borno State is set to introduce an afternoon primary and secondary education system in order to address issues of overcrowding and increase enrollment of out-of-school children.

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum made this announcement during his inauguration speech for his second term in Maiduguri.

Despite the construction of numerous new schools and the expansion of existing ones, the state still faces challenges with overcrowded classrooms and a significant number of out-of-school children.

To tackle these issues, Governor Zulum revealed that Borno State will soon implement an afternoon primary and secondary school system.

The governor said, “An implementation committee will be appointed to develop the necessary plans and select pilot schools from the existing mega schools in Maiduguri, which boast good lighting systems.”

He added, “The introduction of afternoon schools will require an increase in staff, and the Head of Service has been instructed to identify certified personnel currently underutilized in government secretariats.

“These staff members will receive training in school orientation and be deployed to assume non-teaching roles in the afternoon schools.”

The governor emphasized the importance of security measures to ensure the success of these schools, as classes may sometimes extend into the early evening.

In addition to the afternoon school system, Governor Zulum announced his intention to employ 5,000 teachers during his second term.

“This measure aims to enhance the quality of education in Borno State,” he said.

The governor also highlighted the reintroduction of mock examinations in secondary schools and the establishment of centers of excellence, which will provide opportunities for underprivileged children to unlock their potential.

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