June 24, 2024

“I can’t scam you” — Popular Niqobite, Alhaja Pàrọ̀ Báàgì ẹ, assures customers

A popular Niqobite and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Modestwear-Empire, Alhaja Pàrọ̀ Báàgì ẹ, has assured her esteemed customers of genuine and quality service delivery.

The assurance followed the request from the customers that she remove her veil to enjoy their continued patronage.

In a trending TikTok video attached below, the CEO, popularly known as Alhaja Pàrọ̀ Báàgì ẹ (Alhaja Change Your Bag), appealed to her potential customers and assured them of quality service delivery.

She reacted to the comments from her customers who are threatening to withdraw their patronage because she covers her face.

According to Alhaja, the customers are increasingly becoming wary of online transactions, doubting the authenticity of her services.

Allaying the fears of her customers, she stated, “I can’t scam you.”

“Na face I cover oo, I no fit scam you lailai,” she added.

She mentioned further that the sole reason why she always makes sure that she posts direct pictures and videos of products in her physical store at Iwo, Osun State, not those in manufacturers’ factories, is to authenticate the genuineness of her services.

The shop owner added that the fact she covers her face does not mean she will defraud them, given all the aforementioned convictions.

She concluded by appealing to all her potential customers to trust her and patronize her.

“Calm down, I no fit scam you, shop from Alhaja Pàrọ̀ Báàgì ẹ,” she added.

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