July 13, 2024

Egypt affirms support for Lebanon amid regional hostilities

Egypt has reassured Lebanon of its full support for stability and sovereignty amid the threats and dangers the country is facing.

The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Badr Abdelatty, emphasized this to his Lebanese counterpart, Abdallah Bou Habib, during a telephone call on Wednesday from Bou Habib to congratulate Abdelatty on his new position as Egypt Foreign Minister.

In an official statement released by the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and Director of the Public Diplomacy Department, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, Minister Abdel Ati stressed that Egypt gives priority to the Lebanese file.

He added that Egypt is in full support for Lebanon’s stability and the preservation of its sovereignty in the face of the threats it faces.

Speaking on the war in Gaza, the Egyptian foreign Minister reaffirmed Egypt’s commitment to working with international partners to immediately stop the war in Gaza and prevent the region from spiraling into widespread instability.

Bou Habib expressed appreciation for Egypt’s support in maintaining the security and stability of Lebanon.

Both ministers affirmed their aspiration to continue coordination and consultation to enhance various aspects of bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Lebanon.

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