July 24, 2024

Video: President Tinubu’s fall at Democracy Day celebration sparks health concerns, online debate

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has become the subject of online discussions after a video showed him falling while attempting to board a parade car during the Democracy Day celebration.

The incident has sparked concerns about the president’s health and ability to perform physically demanding tasks. This comes shortly after the 72-year-old leader delivered a speech marking the occasion.

Nigeria celebrated its 25th Democracy Day on June 12, 2024, a significant milestone in its journey towards democratic governance. The silver anniversary is a testament to the nation’s progress and resilience. However, the president’s fall has raised questions about his physical fitness and ability to handle the demands of his office.

Netizens have used social media to express their concerns and speculate about the president’s well-being. While some have wished him a speedy recovery, others have turned the incident into a laughing stock.

Isamah Paul said, “You have everything to justify yourself Mr president dobale all Nigerians need speed rapid growth and economy to stable especially increment on fuel price.”

Merry Charles backed the president saying, “People do fall on daily basis, including children who are very smart, it can to anybody including me. President na human being kwa.”

To Idee Ben, President Tinubu is not the first that such will happen to. He said “Food has gone up, fuel pump price has gone up, security also another thing but you only came to address your fall immediately…  You know how many times Joe Biden used to slip?

The incident has overshadowed the celebrations, with many focusing on the president’s ability to lead the country effectively.

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