March 3, 2024

Mali, Niger severe important key tax treaties with France

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the governments of Mali and Niger have revoked two treaties with France for cooperation and administrative assistance on tax related matters.

The two West African countries have been severing ties from former colonial ruler France, which had previously been a close partner in security and other key sectors.

They explained that they revoked one agreement with France from 1972 which was meant to avoid double taxation and “establish rules of reciprocal assistance” in various tax matters.

Mali and Niger also identified the persistent hostile attitude of France against their states, added to the unbalanced character of the agreements causing a considerable shortfall for the two countries according to a joint statement, which was shared by Mali’s foreign ministry on social media.

Niger’s military leaders earlier announced on Monday that they were ending two European Union security and defence missions in the country.

This came after a day agreeing to strengthen military cooperation with Russia.

Mali and Niger are currently under military juntas that seized power in coups.

French control over its former colonies in West Africa has decreased in recent years, just as public anger has increased with several protests spreading against Paris.

President Macron stated that he still considers Niger’s democratically elected President Mohammed Bazoum, who is presently being held captive by the coup leaders, to be the country’s rightful President and that he has notified him of his decision to leave Niger

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