June 24, 2024

Niger: Paris demands immediate release of French official detained by military junta

The French foreign ministry has demanded for the immediate release of one of its officials detained by security men in the Republic of Niger.

The European country stated that on September 8, a French national adviser in Niger was apprehended by the West African country’s security forces.

“From the beginning, our embassy has worked to ensure consular protection for our compatriots,” the French foreign ministry said.

The detained official is an adviser to French people abroad, an elected person who represents French expatriates and collaborates closely with the country’s embassies and consulates, Reuters reports.

Reports say that there are 442 such advisers globally.

Their role is to assist French expats with work, school, social security, and other difficulties. They are chosen for tenure of six years.

The relations between Niger and France have collapsed following the removal of President Mohamed Bazoum by General Abdourahmane Tchiani-led junta.

French authorities were accused by the junta of supporting the threat by the ECOWAS bloc to intervene in Niger as the bloc continues to push for full transfer of power to a civilian administration.

Last month, Niger’s ruling junta ordered police to remove the French ambassador, signaling a further deterioration in relations between France and its former colony.

According to Paris, the army officers who took power in Niamey in late July lacked the authority to dismiss the French ambassador.

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