April 15, 2024

No going back on subsidy, tired of nations bleeding us — Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains resolute in his decision to eliminate the subsidy, expressing Nigeria’s weariness of smugglers.

He made this firm declaration during the Summit on New Global Financing Pact in Paris, France on Friday.

“In the past, some countries bled us dry, lacking the courage to take action. I myself became an advocate for change. I urged, ‘Remove this burden,’ and by God’s grace, when the opportunity arose, we strategized tirelessly, securing the Presidency. The day I was declared the winner, overwhelming joy enveloped me,” the president said.

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President Tinubu continued, “As friends celebrated my victory and shared in my joy, I posed a crucial question: ‘Now that I have brought this trophy, this victory, what shall we do with it?’ We must achieve something transformative. We must revolutionize Nigeria. Together with Wale Edun and my team, we embarked on intense debates, meticulously crafting my speech, with the issue of subsidy at the forefront. When I stepped onto the podium, a surge of courage possessed me, and I boldly proclaimed the end of the subsidy.”

“People initially believed it was an absurd joke, until I contacted the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation). We are weary of feeding smugglers, enriching a privileged few, and subsidizing our neighboring countries,” Tinubu remarked.

Earlier today, I met with the President of Benin Republic, fostering an environment of equality and friendship. Like conjoined twins, joined at the hips, our fates are intertwined. The fuel subsidy will be the decisive factor in determining our future. Let us discover if we can thrive independently, for we shall endure,” he concluded.

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