June 17, 2024

“I must get to the root of this fraud” — Abuja-based man cries out after losing all money in Zenith Bank account

An Abuja-based man, Sulaiman Oyaremi, has cried for help after losing all the money in his Zenith Bank account.

Oyaremi lost his money after a Zenith Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withheld his debit card.

While lamenting the ‘frauds’ in the Nigerian banks, Oyaremi explained that he used an ATM in Ibadan and his debit card was withheld.

“The frauds going on in our banks are better imagined. I used my Zenith ATM card at Zenith bank at Iwo road on Monday May 1st (Worker’s Day) and the machine seized my card. I complained to the two security men on duty about the development and i was asked to come on Tuesday morning to collect since it’s Zenith Card,” Oyaremi said.

He added that “On Tuesday morning I went back to the branch as advised by the security men. I met large crowd of customers and informed the security men on duty on Tuesday on what brought me to bank but they said i had to queue and wait till it was my turn. My plea to the security guys that i had a flight back to abuja in about two hours time fell to their deaf ears. After waiting for some time, in order to avoid missing my flight i had to leave for Alakia airport.”

According to Oyaremi, Shockingly, around 8am today, he started receiving debit alerts “from using my atm card in an ATM machine at Ekotedo area in Ibadan. The money in the account was withdrawn save N2,000. I put a call through to my account officer to inform her about the development but she was obviously in a class. She managed to pick the call but promised to call me back.”

He stated further, “I decided to make this public before officially reporting to the bank in order to escalate the event and for other reasons Iwon’t state here. I had read copious events of similar nature without getting to the end of it. I will pursue this till the fraudster(s) is/are arrested. The issue here is not about the money taken from the account but person that did the withdrawal and how he or she got the card.”

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