June 17, 2024

Evacuee commends Nigerian government for hospitable welcome

A newly arrived Nigerian evacuee from the ongoing Sudan tragedy has been heard commending the Nigerian government over the warm welcome received in Abuja.

According to the returnee, what we receive in Abuja is compensation for the hard times we experienced during the transit from Sudan to Egypt and while waiting for a security pass at the Egyptian border.

“We travelled by road from Sudan to the Egyptian border and to the embassy,” the returnee said.

He added that it is worthy of highlighting the good of the government, as their lapses are usually aired as well.

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Speaking on the government offer for them, he mentioned that a sum of one hundred thousand naira (100,000 naira), a sim card fully loaded with recharge cards and good refreshments are given to every individual.

“Those that don’t have anybody to pick them up are lodged in hotels,” said the returnee.

He concludes by supplicating God for immediate intervention in the Sudanese unrest.


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