April 15, 2024

IPM demands immediate take-off of Minaret University in Ikirun

The Ikirun Progressive Movement, IPM, has demanded the immediate take-off of Minaret University in Ikirun town, Osun State.

The Movement made the demand while lamenting hindrance against the launch  of the university.

AbdulLateef Adeleke, the Movement’s secretary stated this on Monday April 24, 2023.

The Secretary stated that the hinderance of the launch of the proposed university by some selfish elders, stakeholders and families is outrageous.

“This is a direct assault on the future of our children and an unacceptable affront to our community,” Adeleke said.

Ikirun town, the headquarter of Ifelodun Local Government Area in Osun State, has no higher institution since inception with the state in August 27, 1991.

Adeleke mentioned that education is the bedrock of progress and development, “and denying our youth access to quality education is a despicable act. These individuals are playing politics with the lives of our children, and we will not stand for it.

“The Ikirun Progressive Movement demands immediate and decisive action to allow the takeoff of Minaret University without any further delay. We call on all well-meaning citizens of Ikirun to join us in this protest against these selfish obstructionists of our children’s future.

“We cannot sit idly while the progress of our community is stifled. The future of our children and our community depends on our collective action. We must send a strong message that the selfish interests of a select few will no longer be tolerated,” he added.

He, therefore, urged all citizens to join the movement in this unrelenting protest to demand immediate launching of Minaret University.

“Together, we will fight for the future of our children and our community,” he concluded.

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