July 20, 2024

Linda Ikeji invokes 2012 Aluu killing, releases “Dark October”

Popular Nigerian blogger and writer, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, has produced a new movie titled “Dark October”.

This Nigerian movie reminisces about the 2012 brutal killing of four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) in Alu Community.

The movie corroborates the viral claim that the students are victims of a false allegation: theft.

According to the movie, the students visit their chronic debtor to retrieve their money. Refusal to offset the debt triggers a chaotic altercation between them and the debtor, who later raises the false alarm, alleges they are thieves.

Attached below is a clip from the gory scene.

The already tensed community is utterly disinterested in investigating the allegation further.

The community vigilance group receives the go-ahead from the village head to go ahead with the execution of the students.

The presence of the police in the movie holds no water as they try in vain to stop the barbaric act.

The students are gathered at a junction, necklaced, drenched in petrol and later mindlessly set ablaze.

The scenes that reminisce about the brutal tormenting as well as the immolation of the victims are too gory to watch. Even too emotional. They regurgitate the tears shed while watching the murderous attack that year.

“After being accused of theft, four university students in Nigeria were killed in a mob attack that sparked nationwide outrage,” the blurb says.

Linda has done well. Take pains to watch the movie here.

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