July 24, 2024

Patriotism has taken to its heel

By Hassan Imam

It is unarguable that an analysis of the blessed African countries without a particular reference to Nigeria will be deemed incomplete and prejudiced.

This is because Nigeria has all it takes to be heaven on earth. It was this favour that earned her the name “The giant of Africa.” I am very proud to be one of the children of this home and I have never felt sad for being here.

Patriotism is described by Nathanson as a special affection towards one’s country; defining oneself through one’s country; being interested in the country’s welfare; and sacrificing for the sake of the country’s welfare.

Drawing from this definition, patriotism means having a sense of belonging to a particular country. To me, if one has such feelings, one will be attached to one’s country and will always be ready to defend and fight for her.

Obviously, any country whose children are patriotic will never be hell on earth. This is because her children will be her defenders and she will never be subjected to denigration, curse, treason and conspiration.

Conversely, a country whose children are unpatriotic will feel comfortable selling their country to outsiders, spoiling her name, cursing her and even conspiring against her.

How on earth will a right-thinking individual engage in treachery against his or her country? If these brain-dead individuals have forgotten that they will not be on this earth forever, please, my brother, remind them that their time here is limited.

As a student of religion whose love for religious studies is not from here, I believe firmly that morality is a brainchild of religion.

Thus, any religion that preaches (which I believe there is none) immorality is neither holy, nor godly. Nigeria, a multi-religious country is mostly populated by Christians and Muslims.

This is why I will talk about patriotism from the perspectives of the duo religions. Starting with Islam, Prophet Muhammad demonstrated his overflowing love for his hometown.

He never cheated nor conspired against his home town. In spite that he was persecuted by his people, he uttered this statement before he left Makkah, “By Allah, you are the best and most beloved land to me. Had I not been driven away from you, I would not have left you.” When he reached Madinah, he fervently prayed for the city and asked Allah to make him love Madinah the way he loved Makkah.

Flowing from the above, it is crystal clear that his love for his hometown was much.

In the same vein, it is stated in the Bible, Jeremiah 29:7 “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

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Arising from the above, patriotism is preached by Islam and Christianity. Thus, it will be safe to say that being patriotic is compulsory for the adherents of these religions.

Nigeria, as earlier stated, is a blessed country.

However, her blessedness suddenly became a subject of the doubt when the children of the giant of Africa embraced her wholeheartedly, Japaism.

It is so saddening that people daily are leaving the country in flocks. Even some left her for Ghana and pathetically, Coutonu.

I am not blaming those who had japaed or those who are intending to, for if the country was good, no one would leave her.

Each time I think about the insecurity that has engulfed every nook and cranny of this country and the poverty that has stricken every household, I would ask myself, “Where did we get it wrong?”

Honestly, the answer to this question is the lack of patriotism by the Nigerians. It is the disease eating the intestine of the country poko-a-poko; thereby making the country seem unhealthy.”

Some Nigerians are so unpatriotic that they feel comfortable stealing public funds, tarnishing her image abroad and conspiring against her. Americans, every day, pray for their country but the reverse is the case here.

You will hear Musa saying, “Nigeria will not prosper again” and Micheal saying “Kai, Nigeria will not succeed again.” This is so pathetic. As Nigerians, we should be prayerful and patriotic if we want to regain the lost glory.

I pray fervently that the Lord helps Nigeria, and guides her leaders.

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